Child Protection Awareness in Music

Child Protection Awareness in Music is the latest in the NSPCC’s EduCare series of distance learning courses. It has been produced by the NSPCC and the Musicians Union, in partnership with MusicLeader, and the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM).

The training programme uses short films to show a variety of good and bad practice examples, It will help anyone teaching music to children gain a better understanding of their child protection responsibilities, and avoid situations that could lead to accusations of misconduct.

Module One – Understanding the basics

Learn about the different kinds of abuse (physical, sexual, emotional and neglect); the effects it can have child confides in you; how to manage your feelings and some of the myths and facts about child abuse.

Module Two – Recognising child abuse

Examine the possible signs of abuse; how to respond if a child confides in you and what you should do if you suspect a child is being maltreated.

Module Three – Reporting child abuse

Understand the importance of taking action and what actions you should take.

Module Four – Good practice issues

Learn how to protect yourself from false allegations by following a code of conduct; implement principles of good practice; implement new policies and procedures in your organisation and look for signs of those who may pose a threat to children when recruiting new staff.

Module 4 also includes short films demonstrating good and bad practice examples on the following issues:

  • Inappropriate communication with children
  • Inappropriate demonstration of technique
  • Dealing with a difficult group situation
  • Responding to concerns about abuse


Photography posed by models throughout. Photography Paul Close.

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